Technologies We Develop Mobile Apps With

We build native mobile apps in iOS, Android and Windows platforms with emerging technologies and development practices to spice up user experience.

Android apps development

Android apps development is gratifying and fun due to the flexibility and power of the Android operating system.

Pulse Mobile application development team starting working with the Android platform back in 2010 when the OS was released by Google, we fell in love with the power the system extends and the extraordinary google support.

This is a platform that is both powerful and versatile, it was quickly adapted for tablets and now Android devices can be found in media controllers, gaming systems, watches and more.

The Android OS is open source, its been ported and customized by practically every cell phone manufacturer in the world, this is one of the reasons of the huge success of this system that has become a market leader in such a short period of time. This OS, based on Open Source Technology, has created a revolution in the mobile phone industry because of its high performance and its broad user base.

Cell phones from $50 to $2000 now sport the Android operating system which means the hardware is almost always different, this is a challenge for any app developer due to the whole new set of variables involved. Our lab has many different cell phones and our test cycles for Android apps is much longer than other platforms.

Android – A Wide Scope for Different Industries

Having developed applications for various industries, our professionals are efficient in utilizing vast scope of android. We have built applications for multiple domains like:

> Finance
> Business
> Game
> Security
> E-commerce<
> Travel and map
> Healthcare


In today’s smartphone conscious scenario, a smartly built mobile application is worth an investment, but sometimes our applications— no matter how creatively they have been made— still need a few corrections to go the current market trends. Our solutions allow you to build your own success route with the help of new- age technology before your competitors can even start to think about it.

Our company has grown out of a desire to create a lasting impression in the progress of businesses all around the world. We realize that capturing ideas and the passion behind them was extremely meaningful in order to create a strong mobile app. We employ a detailed approach while creating the iOS application, and use creative initiatives to make it compelling.

As the smartphone war in India rages on, iOS is soaring ahead of Android in India. It has already captured 63% of the market share and looking to score higher numbers in the coming years. India is among the top 7 countries in smartphone penetration, and most of its users are young (within the age group of 15-30 years). Every user on an average spends a minimum of 3 hours per day on their phones and spends 73% of the time on browsing/using the applications.
KARPTechnologies Works has a strong history in delivering successful iOS applications to match such a massive demand.Our iPhone application development is done by a team of senior designers, developers and product managers. We have extensive software development experience and are capable to complete the project as per the usability, security and scale-related requirements of the clients. Our team are energetic and enthusiastic, with a complete understanding of latest technological advancements in the area of iOS application development.


Ask Nokia who made Windows phones successful and you will get the answer – there are hundreds of thousands out there who use Windows mobile phones today to access the web!

Windows phones were there for years but not till the Nokia Lumia Series with Windows Phone 8 did we see the OS breaking into the market. Now, with millions of users and potential customers for you, wouldn’t it be great to have Windows mobile web development?

Although the aggregate turnover and popularity of the Android market and Android phones is quite high, the Windows OS by Microsoft has done quite well in recent times.

Today, Windows 8 accounts for over 50% of Windows phone usage! Windows phones are preferred over other types of smart phones because of their design and user interface. As developers, we know that Windows phones function differently than iOS and Android ones. This is why you need developers who can handle Windows Web Development for you – someone like us!

We help you to support and supplement the needs of the customer by building Windows mobile based websites and applications that run smoothly on Windows phones. Windows apps are .NET based and brings to app developers the Microsoft advantage.

We understand your needs and help you come out on top. After all, you need a website that can actually help your business. With Windows Web Development, your website will run as smooth as butter on all Windows based phones!